The Creo Team


The Creo team is made up of young professionals who like to create, build, learn and think. Collaboration and the spirit of creativity and innovation go hand in hand in this team which works across business verticals in areas within and beyond the specified operational domains.

Creo encourages every member to engage meaningfully and draws strength from their experiences and point of view. Each of them reflects the Creo spirit- love what they do and be very good at it.

Meet the Founder


Advait George Cherian

Founder of Creo

Hi! I am Advait George Cherian, Founder, a qualified Electrical Engineer with work experience in Business Development and Project management.

Having worked from a young age in a variety of jobs from door-to-door sales and content writing all the way to being a Project Manager for one of India's leading User Experience (UX) Development companies,the path of an Entrepreneur always appealed to me. 

Creo (Latin for create) started as an effort to help a friend create, establish and grow his newly opened Café.A few months down the line, inspired by the rapid growth of the Café, I decided to quit my promising managerial post and start Creo EBS.

A lot of blood, sweat and tears later, Creo has diversified from its marketing origins to offer Web and Mobile Applications Development, ERP and HR Solutions enhanced with a focus on User Experience (UX).
More importantly, Creo has become a gathering point for talented and creative professionals to work on dynamic and game changing project for clients all over the world.
The 'Empire Building Services' portion of our name might seem beazen in hindsight but it also demonstrates the vision and dedication everyone at team Creo has towards your growth and success.
So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get together and build an empire! 

The Creo Advantage: 

We are in the business of helping you achieve your goals – to win the customer’s mind and heart. And we take our work seriously.

  • We work hard every day, to help your business reach its full potential and create a legacy.
  • At every step of the way, we are with you making things easy and simple.
  • Right from a centralized work structure - briefing to billing, to meeting all your needs effectively – you deal with one contact person dedicated to the Project. Prompt responses to all your emails and calls to addressing your needs -we hear you and we are on the job immediately.
  • At Creo, we believe that accountability is absolutely vital for success.







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